Game Start has been conceptualized to bring state of the art gaming platforms in the state of Qatar

Primarily at restaurants, corporate recreational rooms, specialized events/parties & public places. This enable business houses to generate lateral revenue besides creating a substantial traction on footfalls.

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Statistics show, globally Gaming as an option creates an engaging environ for customers….. which not only opens up avenues for additional revenue generation in terms of token sales, but also have a multiplier effect on the main line of businesses, as the time spent has a direct co-relation to the quantum of food orders for restaurants

Restaurants 100%
Corporate Recreational Rooms 100%
Events/Parties 100%
Public Places 100%


Full Periodic Maintenance Support
On-Call Troubleshooting
Co-Branded Social Marketing
Time to Time promotions / campaigns


Minimum 6 months Contract
Monthly Rentals payable in Advance

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